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Caroline Flarity

Writer of Weird Fiction


New Release!

In Daylight

New Short Fiction

It was the reunion she longed for. Then she lost herself.

Mika’s sister Naomi delivered a terrifying and cryptic warning the day she severed ties with Mika and the entire Crane family. 

Years later, Mika is plagued by a shapeless anxiety that culminates in a panic attack during a presentation—a career-ending debacle that lands her back working the register at her family’s store in the Pine Barrens. 

When her ailing father tracks Naomi down in New York City through a private detective, Mika decides to confront her sister about the damage she left behind and unravel the mystery of her departure.

After a tense reunion, the two women begin to reconnect—until Naomi shares the secret behind her disappearance, an otherworldly revelation that leaves Mika in disbelief and questioning her sister’s state of mind.

Determined to help Naomi, Mika follows her into an increasingly bizarre and shadowy world that threatens to shatter her own reality—a world she might never escape.

In Daylight is a psychological science fiction novel offering a chilling and intimate take on a phenomenon of global—and cosmic—reach.


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